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Here's how the Face to Face Amazon Training works...


Step 1:

Select a Training Date that works for you

Select a Training Date below that works for you (you can bring up to 5 people with you!)


Step 2:

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We'll confirm the date and send a 'Business Review' for you to complete before the Training Day.


Step 3:

Learn How To Sell on Amazon

Work directly with Alex and Learn How To Sell on Amazon either at our UK Training Suite or Online.


1-2-1 Amazon Training in Sheffield, UK (or Online) tailored around your Products!

Work directly with Alex in a 1-2-1 Training Day and learn the key skills you need to take your Amazon Business forward!  Each Training day is tailored around your Business, your Products and your Requirements. This is a 'Practical Training' day so we can get some things done together in the session.
Join us at our Training Suite in Sheffield or it's a bit of trek to us, we can host the session online for you.

Meet Alex...

"My name is Alexander Shelton, UK-based Digital Marketing Consultant & Amazon Consultant.  I am passionate about helping people to sell online and to create their own Amazon business.

Over the years, I have helped many Companies and Private Sellers to benefit from the significant potential of selling on Amazon and I have developed a Face to Face Amazon Training Programme to help you do the same!

So, whether you have products ready to sell or not, follow The 7 Proven Steps I've developed through 'The Ultimate AMZ Selling System' to help you become a Successful Amazon Seller."

Select a Date that works for you... 9am - 5pm (UK time)

Training Days can be at our Amazon Training Suite in Sheffield or Online... whichever suits you best!

Important: Please confirm booking using the email/phone number you wish to use when liaising with our Support Team.

Please note that there are no refunds for any advice time, services, 1-2-1 training or Online Tools not used.  By signing up you are deemed to have accepted The Advice Centre Ltd Terms & ConditionsYou are ultimately responsible for the product(s) you choose to sell, supplier(s) you choose to work with & the decisions you make, The Advice Centre Ltd cannot be held responsible in any way.


What is FBA? 

Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon is where Amazon store and distribute your products for you from their Fulfilment Centres and they can do this not just in the UK but Globally. Alex Shelton can help YOU to set up your own Business and achieve your goals through Amazon Selling. If you don't have products to sell then Alex will teach you through the Private Labelling process. 

What is Private Labelling on Amazon? 

Private label products are manufactured by one company but are then re-branded with the sellers brand and logo. As the brand owner, you can specify how the product is packaged and ask for your brand and label to be included on the packaging. A lot of Amazon Sellers are achieving significant income Private Labelling and Alex can help you through this 1-2-1 Training Programme.

What will I Learn in the 1-2-1 Amazon Training Programme?

We Teach The Ultimate AMZ Selling System

The Selling System used and created by our Founder, Alex Shelton.  The Ultimate AMZ Selling System has been designed to teach anyone to build a Successful Business on Amazon, including existing Businesses with products to sell and Aspiring Entrepreneurs starting completely from scratch!


Please see our full Amazon Seller Central Training topic list below...

  • Seller Central and Vendor Central
  • Amazon Fees & Payments
  • Set up/Account Settings
  • Shipping Settings
  • FBA Profitability
  • Product Research Tools
  • Listing New Products and Existing Products
  • Listing Products Best Practises
  • Writing Compelling Content for Amazon
  • Winning The Buy Box
  • Keyword Research/SEO/Competitor Analysis/Optimising Your Listings
  • Amazon Best Seller & Amazon’s Choice
  • Pricing Strategies/Automate Pricing/B2B Pricing
  • Account Health
  • Suppressed Listings/Alerts
  • Despatching your products
  • Returns
  • Amazon Product & Seller Reviews
  • Product Promotions – vouchers, lightning deals
  • Analysing sales, traffic, listings & Seller Reports - A/B Testing
  • FBA Process/UK + Overseas
  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment – sell on a website and fulfil via Amazon
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Subscribe & Save/FBA Small & Light etc.
  • European Markets/Global Selling
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Creating an Amazon Store/A+ Content
  • Tracking & Monitoring Traffic to your Store
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Brand Ads
  • Monitoring your overall performance on Amazon
  • Other Online Marketing methods to drive traffic to your Amazon store (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Email Campaigns)
  • Amazon Selling & Artificial Intelligence: How to Automate your Amazon Business!
  • Creating an Amazon Action Plan for Growth (3 year Growth Plan)

Learn The Ultimate AMZ Selling System

Learn the proven system for creating a Successful Amazon Business!

Seller Central v Vendor Central

There are two ways to get your products on to the Amazon Marketplace, you can be a third party seller (using Seller Central) or a first party seller (using Vendor Central), we'll go through the key advantages & disadvantages!

Product Research & Sourcing Products!

To help you decide on the right products to sell (or start an Amazon Business completely from scratch) we show you how to undertake product research and decide on the products to source.

Listing your Products on Amazon

A hugely important part of becoming a successful Amazon Seller is listing and optimising your products in the correct way for Amazon.

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)

Let Amazon handle the fulfilment for you via their FBA service. We'll show you what's required and how to get things set-up!

Amazon Brand Registry

If you're a Brand Owner or a Private Label Seller, you can register your Brand with Amazon and develop a fantastic-looking Brand Presence. 

Amazon Ads

More often than not, Amazon Sponsored Ads are required to grow your Brand & Sales, Alex will show you how to set-up and manage the Ads to achieve a good Return on Investment!

Account Health & Amazon Selling Policies

Selling on Amazon is no walk in the park! If you don't know what you're doing it's very easy to lose your selling privileges! Understand Amazon Seller Policies and reduce your risk of Account Suspension! 

Monitoring your overall performance on Amazon

To become a successful Amazon Seller, you need to fully understand the Seller Central Platform, how to monitor your sales performance and importantly, how to improve your sales performance!

Marketing Skills to drive traffic to your Amazon Store

Learn how to use Social Media not just to create brand awareness but generate consistent Amazon sales!

Developing a 3 Year Amazon Growth Plan!

Importantly, in the Training day with Alex, you will develop a 3 Year Amazon Growth Plan! This involves setting targets and developing a strategy to achieve those targets!

Alex has supported hundreds of Businesses and Private Sellers across the UK, including London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester & more!

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Book my Amazon Training Day!

Book your 1-2-1 Amazon Training Programme for a one-off cost of just £1950+VAT.

Join us at our Training Suite in Sheffield for your Amazon Training Day...

Our registered Offices are in Covent Garden, London, however, our Training Suite is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

You'll find us in the south of Sheffield, near the Peak District! 

Just click on to the link below to book your Training Day with The Amazon Trainer and learn how to grow your Amazon Business!
Book your Amazon Training Day!

Please note that all meetings are strictly by appointment only.

Who can The Amazon Trainer help?

Business Owners & Managers

If you're an existing Business Owner, The Amazon Trainer can work with you to set-up & grow your Amazon Sales!

E-Commerce Managers & Marketing Teams

The Amazon Trainer can train your team to help grow your Amazon Sales to substantial levels (up to 5 members of your team attending)

Start-ups, Apprentices & Freelancers!

Amazon Selling skills are invaluable, The Amazon Trainer can give you the skills you need to grow your knowledge & build your very own Amazon Business!

Book your Amazon Training Day!

Book your Face to Face Amazon Training Day. We will start at 9am and aim for a 5pm finish (UK time)

Book your Amazon Training Day!

Meet Alex Shelton, The Amazon Trainer


Alex is a leading UK Amazon Consultant. He started selling on Amazon several years ago & created the 'Ultimate AMZ Selling System' to teach his skills to aspiring Entrepreneurs & existing Businesses, helping Individuals, SMEs and Global Brands achieve up to £350k a month and more! 

Alex recognised there wasn't much out there in terms of professional Amazon Selling Support! This is what prompted him to develop the AMZ Advice Centre, to assist and support Businesses of all sizes to sell on Amazon and grow their Businesses through powerful Amazon Advice (at an affordable price!!)

Alongside his day to day Consultancy, he also hosts 1-2-1 Amazon Training Programmes for Business and new start-ups across the UK as well as hosting courses for leading organisations including Government Start-up Organisations and Chambers of Commerce.

Not sure? Book a Free 15min Chat with Alex!

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"Alexander has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of all the major shopping channels and we have no hesitation in recommending him to others. He understands our particular needs and we are now aware of all opportunities that are open to us and any changes in site system management that inevitably occur. He is easy to work with and is very much part of our team."

- Richard Abdy, A R Wentworth (Sheffield) Ltd


"Alex Shelton is a great example of someone who is a true expert in their field, he invests time and effort in keeping up with the latest developments and runs his own sales programme so that his advice is strengthened by the reality of day to day management of the Amazon platform. I would highly recommend him to any business wishing to succeed in driving sales on Amazon."

- Mark Prince, Chairman, Nucroft


"We always have excellent feedback from clients. Alex is very knowledgeable on Amazon selling, businesses of all sizes attend. We recommend Alex for his professional and engaging delivery on what can be considered a daunting task to anyone thinking of selling online, Alex makes it look easy."

- Business Sheffield (Sheffield City Council) 


What happens after the Amazon Training Day?

Naturally, the 1-2-1 Amazon Training Day with Alex which will put you in a really good position to drive your Business forward, however, if you require further support, you can sign-up to the AMZ Advice Centre for just £247+VAT a month!

✔️Selling on Amazon Advice from UK Amazon Consultants, whenever you need it (via email, live chat & WhatsApp)

✔️24/7 Access to the AMZ Business Academy (Online Amazon Training)

✔️Access to AMZBuddy Professional Plan (Powerful ChatGPT Tool for Amazon Sellers)

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You can bring up to 5 Members of your Team (Colleagues, Family, Friends) with you to the Training!

Book your Amazon Training Day!

Any questions? 
Check out The Amazon Trainer FAQs below...

I'm an existing Business, is this for me?

Absolutely, we work with Business of all sizes, from UK SMEs to Global Brands and have day to day experience with the types of issues you are facing or likely to face in the future. We're here to help grow your Amazon Sales through our Amazon Training Day (9am - 5pm on your selected date) 

I'm an Individual/beginner, is this for me?

Absolutely, Alex Shelton works with individuals on a day to day basis to give them the skills and knowledge they need to build an Amazon Business from anywhere in the world.  Book your 1-2-1 Amazon Training Day and start your Amazon Selling Journey!

What is FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfilment By Amazon. It's a Fulfilment service Amazon offers to do all of the picking, packing and shipping on your behalf. So, you ship your products in bulk into Amazon and they do the shipping for you!

How much can I make from selling on Amazon?

We have clients generating a few thousand pounds a month, we have clients generating £350k a month and more in some cases! Selling on Amazon can be very lucrative if you have the right products and have the skills to sell successfully.  We do our best to provide you with the best possible Amazon Advice & Guidance based on our many years in the Amazon Selling world!

Do you sell on Amazon?

Alex Shelton started selling on Amazon several years ago! With a background in Digital Marketing he then decided to 'partner up' with Manufacturers & Distributors selling all types of products from Coffee Beans to Golf Products to Personalised Giftware, Alex has been involved in selling in hundreds of different categories!

Over the last 7 years or so, Alex has been running Amazon Training & Consultancy Programmes for SMEs across the UK, Global Brands in Europe and the USA-as well as Training aspiring Entrepreneurs through his AMZ Business Academy!  He founded the AMZ Advice Centre to provide professional selling on Amazon Advice to anyone looking to start an Amazon Business from scratch or existing Businesses looking to grow their sales, at an affordable price!

What's Seller Central?

Seller Central is the Amazon platform that is open to anyone (individual or Business) to sell products on the Amazon Marketplace. We do our best to provide Professional Amazon Advice (tailored around your products) on all areas of the Seller Central Account.

We're on Vendor Central, can you help us?

No, we're afraid not, the Amazon Training is focused around Seller Central.

Do you help with Dropshipping?

No, in all honesty, when it comes to Selling on Amazon and Amazon Seller Polices, we tend to stay clear of supporting Businesses with Dropshipping. We find this method of selling very time-consuming, often with little reward. 

If you are completely new to selling on Amazon and looking to start your own Amazon Business, we would usually suggest the Private Label model, this means sourcing products, having them branded as your own and then selling these products via Amazon Seller Central.  Depending on the products, Amazon can do all of the packing and shipping for you via FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) - we find this to be a much more lucrative way of selling!  We'll show you how all of this works in the 1-2-1 Training Programme.

Why you guys?

Here at the AMZ Advice Centre we have a wealth of experience and knowledge on the types of Selling on Amazon issues you are facing!  

Alex Shelton (Amazon Consultant & The Amazon Trainer) has been supporting SMEs, Start-ups and Global Brands across the UK, Europe and USA to generate significant sales for the past 10 years through his Training & and Support Programmes.  Alex has clients achieving a few thousand pounds a month to £350k a month in sales! 

The AMZ Advice Centre Team has regular internal Training to be at the forefront of Amazon Technologies to help our clients succeed!

What guarantees do you offer?

We don't offer any formal guarantees but we will always do our very best to provide our clients with the best possible Selling on Amazon Advice which is relevant to their specific queries. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions here before Booking your Training Day
Alex Shelton/The Amazon Trainer are part of The Advice Centre Ltd. Please read our Terms & Conditions.