How To Really Sell on Amazon

2021 Digital Book with Audio

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The 7 Proven Steps to Help You Become a Successful Amazon Seller in 2022

Whether you have products to sell or not, UK Based Amazon Trainer & Consultant Alexander Shelton can help you set up your own 'Fulfillment By Amazon' Business through this book!

How To Sell on Amazon Book

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How To Really Sell on Amazon Book
How To Really Sell on Amazon Book

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'How To Really Sell on Amazon' is also available to Buy Now on Amazon! Kindle Edition and Paperback!

"My name is Alexander Shelton, UK-based Digital Marketing Consultant & Amazon Consultant. I am passionate about helping people to sell online and to create their own Amazon business.

Over the years, I have helped many Companies and Private Sellers to benefit from the significant potential of selling on Amazon and I have written this book to help you do the same!

So, whether you have products ready to sell or not, follow The 7 Proven Steps outlined in this book which could help you become a Successful Amazon Seller.

This Book also includes an 'Amazon Action Plan' to help Plan and Grow your New Business!

Alexander Shelton"

The Amazon Selling Trainer

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My Journey into Digital Marketing & Amazon Selling...

"So, how did I actually get into all of this Amazon stuff? Well, 6 or 7 years ago a client came to me who wanted help with their marketing to launch a new product, a brilliant product as well, really niche. After a few meetings with the client we decided that I would sell the product in my own right as a distributor and so my Amazon adventure began.

So, I started looking into it a bit more and what did I find? Lots and lots and lots of online videos! Wow! People saying different things, people claiming to be the best at this and the best at that, 6, 7, 8 figure businesses, my goodness it just went on and on and on! There’s even more out there now!

There are also videos out there that are far too complex for a beginner. I was fed up and decided to learn the hard way, which yes, took me longer than I would have liked, but I knew at some point I was going to write this book and ‘make it painless for others to sell on Amazon’."

What is FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon?

Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon is where Amazon store and distribute your products for you from their Fulfillment Centres and they can do this not just in the UK but across the world. Alexander Shelton can help YOU set up your own Business and achieve your goals through Amazon Selling. If you don't have products to sell then Alex will talk you through the Private Labeling process.  


What is Private Labeling on Amazon?

Private label products are manufactured by one company but are then re-branded with the sellers brand and logo. As the brand owner, you can specify how the product is packaged and ask for your brand and label to be included on the packaging. You also have to pay to have the product to be produced and delivered. A lot of Amazon Sellers are making a lot of money Private Labeling and Alex can help you through this process in the book.

Alex Shelton has Delivered Amazon Training Programmes across the UK & Europe

Face to Face/Remote Training Programmes

Amazon Growth Plan Development Workshops

Public Amazon Workshops

Online Amazon & eBay Training Webinars

Social Media Advertising Seminars

Training in Association with The Chamber of Commerce and Business Start-up Organisations

Working on a Consultancy basis with SMEs, Global Brands, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs!


What's Covered in the Book?

Alex introduces you to 'The Amazon Selling World' and then takes you through The 7 Proven Amazon Selling Steps which include:

Step 1) Finding Your Products & Private Labeling (very interesting section even if you already have products to sell!)

Step 2) Setting up as an Amazon Seller

Step 3) Learning the Amazon Seller Platform

Step 4) Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)-Making your Products ‘Prime’

Step 5) Advertising & Branding

Step 6) Social Media Advertising

Step 7) Expanding Across Europe & Internationally.

Crucially included within the Book is an 'Amazon Action Plan' which allows you to set timescales and responsibilities to make sure things happen.

“Start Your Amazon Selling Journey Today and Make 2022 the year you became an Amazon Seller."

This Offer won't last forever! Digital Book & Audio...

Create an Amazon Growth Plan for your Business & Learn How To Become an effective Amazon Seller for just £9.99 inc VAT.

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